Long slit skirt absolutely is the most popular single product this autumn. All kinds of printing, materials and clipping collide with sexy slits design will create a completely different style. You can be mature, sexy, or even handsome. As long as we love life, we can find another different ourselves .

Long slit skirts should be the most changeable trendspot, which is also suitable for sexy girl. The slit need over your knee, then you can show your slim legs and lengthen the leg line well. You can match a pair of boots or high heels, back rate must soared.

Or you can choose a semi skirt, and paired with a short coat or jacket that makes you look cool and handsome.

If you feel slit skirt is too exposed, you can try slit skirt with petticoat. The outside looks like a split skirt, but there is a layer of thin dress inside. It’s more sexier.

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