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2017 Prom Dress Show at Tidebuy Cyber Monday

Do You Want to be Mermaid or Greek Goddess? We all know that 2016 summer Prom dress series are still wins in the unique cut style. Not too many tricks or complicated styles, full of elegant and noble. Mermaid prom dresses and pleated prom dresses are the most popular styles for women. So you need such an prom dress to shock the audience.

LOOK1: Sexy Backless Straps Sheath Prom Dress

Pleated prom dresses are generally divided into two styles. The first pattern is fluffy pleated tulle maxi prom dresses which dressed like a princess, and makes you look witty and lovely.

LOOK2: Applique Bateau Neck Pleated Long Prom Dress

The second style is dignified and elegant Greek goddess pleated prom dresses. The pendant of the prom dresses is dreamy and beautiful, add some fusion lace or sequins deep V looks more sexy.

LOOK3: Fluffy Pleated Sequins Lace Prom Dress

Of course, fishtail prom dress is the hottest style which can foil female graceful figure completely. The mermaid hem makes girls like a static sculptural, full of retro beauty.

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All Knitwear Sales at Tidebuy 11.11 Single’s Day

During cool weather, warm and changeable knitwear can help you create a cute and sweet image. You can wake up these fashion knitwear in your early autumn wardrobe, which are also necessary warm trendspot to the winter and autumn.

As we know, autumn is the best time to wear sweater. Warm color knitwear can bright your mood. Just paired with a simple white shirt can let you go back to school-days.

Of course, the collocation of cute skirt and colorful knitwear will increase your sweet index. Add a little sweet and warm feeling in the cool autumn.

While knitwear mix match with long dress will be another style. Rigid and flexible fusion is just right, and it can also unfold a little bit of retro beauty.

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Long Slit Skirt Collocation Tips

Long slit skirt absolutely is the most popular single product this autumn. All kinds of printing, materials and clipping collide with sexy slits design will create a completely different style. You can be mature, sexy, or even handsome. As long as we love life, we can find another different ourselves .

Long slit skirts should be the most changeable trendspot, which is also suitable for sexy girl. The slit need over your knee, then you can show your slim legs and lengthen the leg line well. You can match a pair of boots or high heels, back rate must soared.

Or you can choose a semi skirt, and paired with a short coat or jacket that makes you look cool and handsome.

If you feel slit skirt is too exposed, you can try slit skirt with petticoat. The outside looks like a split skirt, but there is a layer of thin dress inside. It’s more sexier.

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2018 Spring Latest Wedding Dresses Fashion Show

Wedding dress is very important for women, it is a testimony, a represents of ceremony. It is also a very important token that means woman from this stage to another stage. White wedding dress is a patent for young girl in the past, because white is the only color which can comparable to the bride’s pure and beauty.

There is no denying that the white wedding dress is still the most classic wedding dresses. Moreover, as the materials, fabrics and design styles become more and more rich, white wedding dresses are also become more and more beautiful.

At the same time. the elegant wedding style is not limited to the common profile. Innovation let cheap wedding dresses owm more style, such as vintage lace wedding dresses, flare sleeve wedding dresses and embroidery falbala wedding dresses.

Cascading design is one of the most popular designs at this fashion show. If you look carefully, you will find that each layer has new ideas. These changes as a new force is constantly changing, and we need to understand it attentively.

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Choose Colorful Knitwear And Shorts, Show Your Own Personality

The collocation of knitwear and shorts are the most popular style recently. Loose sweater match exquisite shorts highlights the girl’s personality. This kind of collocation is very suitable for girls who own slender legs. Colorful knitwear will add some vitality and youth to your fall.

Bohemia style sweater mix match a national style shorts make you full of exotic feeling. Then choose a leather belt with long tassels,which will increase your handsome index.

The combination of red and green are particularly taboo choose. But a bright green sweater match red leather shorts is unexpectedly harmonious. Of course, if you think this collocation is too bright, you can also choose dark red sweater and deep green shorts. Mature colors make you look sexier.

Short knitwear match black denim skirt is cool and capable. Cool denim shorts can stretch your legs line and increase your lower body ratio, and make you become more handsome and slim.

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Silk Bridesmaid Dress Is The Best Choice For Bridesmaid

Bridesmaids need to choose a elegant and personality bridesmaid dress to ensure neither rob the bride limelight nor be too ordinary! If you dress is not properly will be a very impolite thing, such as wearing too revealing dress or makeup too luxuriant.

Choose an elegant silk bridesmaid dress can perfectly highlight the purity of the girl, and simple design is humble, which can set off the bride’s beauty.

New couple is absolutely the leading role, especially the bride. If you decide to attend a wedding, wear a elegant and chic silk bridesmaid or in accordance with the requirements of the new couple, this is the minimum respect for the newlyweds. The fashion silk bridesmaid dresses are smooth, which can show the girl’s body figure, and the  solid color looks more elegant and pure.

Silk bridesmaid dresses should be elegant and simple. The color collocation of shoes and bag should be harmony. So deep V-neck, halter, ultra short and tight style to avoid as much as possible!

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How to Choose Classic Homecoming Dresses?

The new school year is about to begin. Do you prepared to attend all kinds of opening ceremonies and the freshmen welcome party? Choose a trendy back to school homecoming dress can help you get the title of the party queen. Today I’m going to share some latest homecoming dresses. If it happens to suit your style, don’t hesitate to click on the picture to buy it.

Strapless dress is the simplest but the most classic style, almost everyone can control this style. Conjoined design can effectively hide abdominal fat. You’d better buy a bright colored strapless homecoming dresses. Because bright colors can highlight girl’s personality. Of course, nifty style homecoming dress is also fit for young girls, which can unfold their passion and youthful feeling.

Are you still worried about how to choose a homecoming dress when you look at these dresses? Go to tidebuy and choose a fashion homecoming dress for yourself!

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2017 Back To School Homecoming Dress Outfits

It’s time to come back to school again. What are you going to wear at this year’s back to school party? Do you know how to dress can make you become more elegant and sexy? Today, I’m going to pick out some of the most popular homecoming dresses 2017, and share some collocation tricks without any reservation!

The bright homecoming dress match a pair of dark blue suede heels can add you some warm feeling in the autumn, and bright color is one of the most popular colors in autumn.

The lace element will make you look sexy and charming. Because lace homecoming dress can paste a mature and sexy label to you. Of course, if you can properly match a suitable bag, accessories, or wear a cape prom dress, your popularity will be increased by 100%.

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These Fashion Cocktail Dresses Make You Beautiful And Cool

The weather is getting hot, and in the hot summer, a beautiful and cool cocktail dress is indispensable. Otherwise, your delicate make-up will be stained by your sweat. How can you take a photo with your friends with a imperfect makeup to show your elegant?

Today I will share some lightweight, comfortable and beautiful cocktail dresses. And I promise these cocktail dress can make you become decent and elegant! Delicate lace, elegant colors, and soft folds can instantly blend into the romantic and joyous atmosphere!

Whether you want sweet and lovely, or fresh and refined, or elegant and atmosphere, as long as come to tidebuy online store and choose the right cocktail dresses, you will be the focus! It’s easy to stay in the limelight, if you have these cocktail dresses. Please view: https://www.tidebuy.com/c/Cocktail-Dresses-4352/

New Fashion Trend in Summer — Falbala Elements

The fashion circle is updated frequently, but the tide of fashion is always come from our life. And these fashion master always can catch the the breath of vogue. Then, using the latest fashion elements to deduce their own style. It’d time to update your wardrobe from spring to summer. I must say the popular falbala elements is definitely a necessary style. But do not blindly purchase most fashion items which are not suit for you.

Oblique Collar Falbala Print Blouse

Oblique Collar Falbala Print Blouse

Round Neck Falbala T-Shirt

Round Neck Falbala T-Shirt

Falbala is not a fresh elements, but the falbala design exceptionally brilliant this year. Many fashion bloggers have found the beauty of flounce, and try to enlarged or highlight the charm of falbala. Neckline, cuffs, pants and other places all can add some embellishment.

Slim Falbala Casual Pants

Slim Falbala Casual Pants

White Oblique Collar Falbala Blouse

White Oblique Collar Falbala Blouse

Of course, if you think just a little falbala element embellishment at the corner is not enough fun, you can try a string of falbala decoration. Fluttering with the spring breeze is the most beautiful scene. Fashion masters most like wear flounce blouse, it can unfold the feminine charm, Paired with trousers, skirt can be also very beautiful.

Cold Shoulder Falbala Blouse

Cold Shoulder Falbala Blouse

Plain Falbala Zipper Blouse

Plain Falbala Zipper Blouse

Chiffon and tulle material is elegant and ethereal, and falbala embellishment design is retro and fairy. So falbala chiffon jumpsuit is sweet, witty, delicate and not pompous, Which is more suitable for this passion and romantic summer.

Chiffon Print Loose Falbala Pleated Jumpsuits

Chiffon Print Loose Falbala Pleated Jumpsuits

Falbala Chiffon Floral Jumpsuits

Falbala Chiffon Floral Jumpsuits

Tidebuy provide all kinds of fashion falbala trendspot. Such as falbala print blouse, slim falbala pants, falbala pleated jumpsuits. Hurry up go to tidebuy online store and find the most suitable fashion falbala items for yourself! Please view: https://www.tidebuy.com/c/Women-Tops-100018/

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